Header files (Re: A little review of kdecore & kdeui)

R.F. Pels ruurd at tiscali.nl
Sat Apr 8 00:12:53 BST 2006

On Friday 7 April 2006 23.49, David Faure wrote:

> Nobody is talking about "going against", since this is always about
> "offering both".

<shakes head/>

> And don't forget that KDE developers are Qt developers, so why should KDE
> go against (and here I do mean "go against") established Qt practices,
> where developers can use #include <QLineEdit>? How many times do you think
> we'll see the request "why can't I #include <KLineEdit>" on
> kde-devel at kde.org once people start developing with Qt4/KDE4, if we don't
> provide such includes? I'm 100% sure of it: we'll see that request over and
> over - and over and over - again. So let's do it, and let's do it right.

Yes, well, needless to say I think that was a very stupid move. Sorry. That's 
what I think of it. I think it almost guarantees problems in future when 
people want to port Qt-based software from Windows to Linux because they get 
the casing accidentily wrong.

> But I don't konw whether right means "during install" (and no camelcase
> inside kdelibs code) or "like qt, with forwarders to srcdir in kdelibs and
> different ones after install" (and apparently much trouble for kdebindings
> people, although now that they can handle Qt, kde should rather be similar,
> no?:)... )

I'm afraid that it will turn out that if we choose no camelcasing, people will 
complain about the absence of camelcased names, and if we do choose 
camelcasing, people will complain about the absence of non-camelcased 
lowercase names and in the end we will end up with all lowercase, all 
uppercase, camelcased and spaced-with-underscore variants. 

Let's not do this. Let's just stick to all lowercase for the reason that it is 
impossible to 'do it the right way'. I think the current practice is known 
and accepted by almost all programmers that use C and C++, so let's stick 
with that.

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