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Wed Apr 5 18:50:56 BST 2006

I think you misunderstand. Let me provide a typical use case:

We (Linspire) create a custom color scheme for the 'Colors' control panel called 'Linspire Clear'
We then make this the active color scheme for our users by copying the setting to /etc/kde3/kdeglobals.
One day an adventurous user decides to play with their color scheme, trying different pre-defined themes as well as making a few of their own.
The user then decides they liked it better the way it was, but can't remember the name of the original scheme. They notice the 'Defaults' button and click it.
Currently the control module will switch to whatever the developer decided should be the default (in this case 'KDE Default'). Unfortunately, the user is now confused because their system does not look like it did originally.

If the configfiles had a way of storing the 'default' values for such things, the Defaults button could have caused the control module to revert to our distro-specified defaults, rather than those chosen by the developer. As it is now, we actually patch KControl to remove the Defaults button so as to avoid this situation altogether (ugly? yes, effective? yes).

Naturally this kind of change would require a bit of work to bring all the control modules in line, but I think it would be well worth the effort. And if we knew the changes would live upstream (in the KDE SVN repository) we would be willing to help in the effort.

On Wednesday 05 April 2006 05:21, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Monday, 3. April 2006 19:11, Sean Meiners wrote:
> > control panel and clicks the 'Defaults'(?) button it reverts to
> > whatever settings the developer put in place rather than the settings
> > the user originally saw.
> That would be a horrible (and unlikely) bug though. I don't see how a user
> manages to overwrite the global settings.

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