Suspicous code in kdelibs-3.5.2

Boudewijn Rempt boud at
Wed Apr 5 17:42:26 BST 2006

On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Adriaan de Groot wrote:

> On Wednesday 05 April 2006 16:26, Christoph Bartoschek wrote:
> > here is a list of suspicous lines of code in kdelibs-3.5.2 without khtml.
> > I've checked khtml separately.
> Wow! How are you getting these results (they look like things the Coverity 
> tool would find, or another static checker)? If there's a tool involved -- 
> not just your brain -- we'd like to apply it regularly to the code on the 
> EBN.

I'm so happy... Christoph did Krita already, and in time for 1.5.0. 


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