WhatsThis in KDE 4: coder wanted!

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Wed Apr 5 10:30:51 BST 2006

Philip Rodrigues wrote:

>> I've some question about this document: specifically about the best way
>> to indicate that what's this help is available when one can't use
>> tooltips (like variable view in KDevelop, where tooltips are used for
>> some other purpose).
> Possibly changing the colour of the widget, or something. What do you
> currently use the tooltips for? Do you have a screenshot?
>> What's the best place to discuss this? Here, some other list, personal
>> email, or what?
> I think kde-usability-devel.

I've replied there, both to this email and to Ivor's email.

- Volodya

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