WhatsThis in KDE 4: coder wanted!

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Wed Apr 5 09:34:11 BST 2006

Vladimir Prus wrote:

> Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>>> 1. http://www.userbrain.de/whatsthis/ideas_whatsthis_january06_v1.1.pdf
>> The newest version of this proposal is here:
>>   http://www.userbrain.de/whatsthis/ideas_whatsthis_january06_v1.3.pdf

Thanks Kurt!

> I've some question about this document: specifically about the best way to
> indicate that what's this help is available when one can't use tooltips
> (like variable view in KDevelop, where tooltips are used for some other
> purpose).

Possibly changing the colour of the widget, or something. What do you
currently use the tooltips for? Do you have a screenshot?

> What's the best place to discuss this? Here, some other list, personal
> email, or what?

I think kde-usability-devel.

> I'm actually interested in good "what's this" system, so might be able to
> devote some time to this.

That would be great!

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