WhatsThis in KDE 4: coder wanted!

Philip Rodrigues philip.rodrigues at chch.ox.ac.uk
Tue Apr 4 19:06:36 BST 2006

As you may know, Ellen and Olaf, in conjunction with others from the HCI 
working group, have produced a detailed draft of suggested changes to 
whatsthis help for KDE 4 [1, executive summary below]. The draft was 
submitted to Qt for their opinion, but they don't expect to be able to 
consider implementing in time for KDE 4. Therefore, we think it would be 
appropriate to implement the changes at the KDE libraries level. For this, we 
need someone who can code :-). The specification is fairly detailed, so 
hopefully this will make implementation eas(y|ier). Without being a coder, I 
can't say for certain what skills would be required, although I imagine that 
some familiarity with Qt and perhaps kwin would be useful.

Although we're asking for your help, we'd be willing to do as much as we can, 
and work closely to identify and solve any issues that come up. I think that 
we can also be quite flexible with how we proceed - if you're only able to do 
a design for the implementation, for example, that would be fine.


1. http://www.userbrain.de/whatsthis/ideas_whatsthis_january06_v1.1.pdf

Executive summary: there's a natural progression in the help system from 
tooltips->whatsthis->docs (ie, increasing detail), but the existing GUI keeps 
these quite separate. We'd like to connect them. There are also some problems 
with the existing whatsthis implementation, which generally stem from the 
fact that whatsthis bubbles aren't honest-to-goodness windows. We suggest 
promoting them
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