Merging settings by group in KConfig

Matt Rogers mattr at
Sun Apr 2 21:13:03 BST 2006


For KDE4, I think it would be nice to be able to do the following:

Specify a group of settings which should be used as default settings for a 
particular thing. Then, allow other groups to derive their settings from that 
group. If a certain configuration key is not present in the derived group, 
the default setting takes over. Otherwise, the derived group has precedent.

The use case for this is Kopete chat settings. A user is chatting with a 
contact. The particular service they're chatting over supports a set of 
features, rich text for example. The user can turn off rich text. However, 
the next time that the user goes back to chat with that person, rich text is 

Questions and comments welcome.


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