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Sun Apr 2 20:12:03 BST 2006

Just a thought on plugins

On Saturday 01 April 2006 22:46, Allen Winter wrote:
> Howdy,
> kdeaddons/kaddressbook-plugins contains two plugins for exporting an
> addressbook (to GMX and KWorldClock formats, whatever they are).
> I was wondering if it makes sense to move these into kdepim for KDE4?
> If we do move them into kdepim4, then I think kdeaddons will no longer
> depend on a kdepim development package.

IMHO this is just a workaround for deeper problem.
kdeaddons does not have a dependency on kdepim development packages, only the  
KDE PIM related parts of it have.

Unfortunately packaging a SVN module into a single binary package is a _lot_ 
easier than to package only related parts (I guess each separation requires a 
configure+build run on its own)

Moving the current plugins to the main module will just delay the problem to a 
later release.

I think a submodule approach like in extragear, where the main module does not 
even have buildsystem files, would be a better goal for the long run.

Or maybe the new build system can help with this.


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