Problem with cmake's generated config.h

Szombathelyi Gy�rgy gyurco at
Sat Apr 1 10:49:21 BST 2006


I noticed a flaw with the generated config.h, when the appropriate config 
check is not in the top-level directory's CMakeLists.txt file, but in one of 
its sub-folders. For example: in kdebase/kioslaves/{pop3,smtp} there are 
config checks for the sasl2 library, but in config.h, the HAVE_LIBSASL2 never 
defined. If I move the config check to the top-level CMakeLists.txt, the 
#define works correctly. The same applies to HAVE_LIBSMBCLIENT.
I work-arounded this in kdeadmin/kuser, with creating a custom ku_config.h in 
the kuser directory. Is this a bug or feature of CMake?


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