image viewers: a different approach

Benjamin Meyer ben at
Sun Oct 30 21:33:01 GMT 2005

On Saturday 29 October 2005 5:48 pm, Matthias Kretz wrote:
> On Sunday 30 October 2005 00:05, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > > Cropping can (occasionally) get usefull. For example in KAddressBook
> > > you can crop a photo to assign it to any contact.
> >
> > In this case the user doesn't want to crop the *file*, but wants to
> > select a portion of the image to use.
> Yes, that's exactly what Aurelien said.
> > Apples addressbook does this very feature.
> KDE's also.
> The point is, KAddressbook wasn't able to reuse the code that was already
> there with the KView KImageCanvas, or any other image viewer supporting
> cropping, but rather needed it's own implementation (I think it's
> implemented in kdelibs, though).

I was pointing out that the feature they really want is read-only (selecting) 
and not cropping (read-write) which is what the thread was really about.

-Benjamin Meyer

aka icefox
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