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Wed Oct 26 23:08:58 BST 2005

A Dimecres 26 Octubre 2005 23:57, Ralf Habacker va escriure:
> Hi all,

> currently there are some people working on the bksys build system for a
> win32 port of KDE. I'm working personally on the mingw port using the
> official qt4 gpled port for windows. Others are working on an MS Visual C++
> port using the QT4 extension from
Hmm i think you should use official qt4 or at most something similar to what 
we have with offcial Qt4 for X11+some patches

> In the past a win32 port was discussed very controversial (I remember a
> long blog thread of Aaron Seigo, a interview I had and several
> other threads). In  the last time i see more and more, that people and
> companies like this idea (as for example Aaron has reported) .
> Because this port enters a new level for KDE, I (and probably other) like
> to be prepared best for this way in legal and other issues.
> Relating to this I have some question:
My votes

> 1. what the KDE people think about the state the win32 port has
> 	- full integrated into the present kde community protected by the KDE e.V.
> 	- partial integrated (topics has to be defined)
> 	- not integrated, full independent project without any support and/or
> 	  relation in any way
> depending on topic 1, there are additional topics:
Full integrated, i can not see on how making our code more portable can be a 
bad thing. (OK, i can see a ifdef hell but we are good developers enough (TM) 
to avoid that ;-))

> 2. where to place public informations about this port (like porting state,
> how-tos and so on)
> 	- integrated into KDE website
> 	- separate website like or or so
Integrated on or some other subdomain.

> 3. using kde bug reporting system (I remember for kde-cygwin people sends
> bug to the kde bug system and got mainly negative feedback)
> 	- possible
> 	- better use a separate bugtracking system
Same bugtracking system but users have to assume it's possible the developer 
does not use windows and can not track bugs without active help from them. In 
the long run if we see windows users are not "educated enough" we could try a 
separate bug tracking system.

> 4. where to place download area
> 	- main kde mirrors
> 	- independent mirror system
Main kde mirrors if they can handle the load.

> 5. mailing list
> 	- already set up kde-windows at


> Regards
> Ralf
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