general question about win32 port

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Oct 26 22:57:55 BST 2005

Hi all, 

currently there are some people working on the bksys build system for a win32 
port of KDE. I'm working personally on the mingw port using the official qt4 
gpled port for windows. Others are working on an MS Visual C++ port using the 
QT4 extension from  

In the past a win32 port was discussed very controversial (I remember a long 
blog thread of Aaron Seigo, a interview I had and several other 
threads). In  the last time i see more and more, that people and companies 
like this idea (as for example Aaron has reported) .

Because this port enters a new level for KDE, I (and probably other) like to 
be prepared best for this way in legal and other issues. 

Relating to this I have some question: 

1. what the KDE people think about the state the win32 port has 
	- full integrated into the present kde community protected by the KDE e.V.   
	- partial integrated (topics has to be defined)
	- not integrated, full independent project without any support and/or
	  relation in any way 

depending on topic 1, there are additional topics:

2. where to place public informations about this port (like porting state, 
how-tos and so on)
	- integrated into KDE website 
	- separate website like or or so 

3. using kde bug reporting system (I remember for kde-cygwin people sends bug 
to the kde bug system and got mainly negative feedback) 
	- possible 
	- better use a separate bugtracking system 

4. where to place download area 
	- main kde mirrors 
	- independent mirror system 

5. mailing list
	- already set up kde-windows at 


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