question about win32 related patched

David Faure faure at
Tue Oct 18 17:12:43 BST 2005

On Tuesday 18 October 2005 17:58, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> Unfortunally kdecore/fakes.c, where  
> such functions could  live  is located in kdecore and not lower in the 
> hierachy. 

Well it's in the kdecore subdir, but it's a separate lib (libkdefakes)
So we could very well move it out of there if you need it in lower level libs,
like, hmm, dcop. If KDE-4.0 uses dbus instead of dcop, I'm not sure we'll
still have lower-level-than-kdecore libs, but well, moving it out is probably
a good idea in any case.

> This let me think if in future KDE should have an os extension  
> library (as the win dir for win32 now), which contains all the missing 
> functions and fixes the os related flawing, so that all kde libs can work 
> with a unique set of lowlevel functions.
Well, to me that's not the ideal solution. The ideal solution is to have ONE
class in kdecore which encapsulates a given low-level function, and offer a C++
API for the rest of kdelibs and the rest of KDE as a whole.
See for instance KMountPoint which encapsulates the whole mess of
mountpoints (3 or 4 completely different lowlevel APIs).

getHomePath() should be QDir::home() anyway, no?

What else do you have in mind?

> The win dir is currently designed as a set of source files and compiler 
> specific system header in include/<compiler>/... (for example mingw missed 
> some network header), which structure may be used for additional platforms 
> and or compiler.  

Actually I'm still hoping that this sort of mess is only needed for win32 ;)
We'll see.

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