Proposed new kdelibs time zone classes

Benjamin Meyer ben at
Mon Oct 17 11:54:38 BST 2005

On Sunday 16 October 2005 7:07 pm, David Jarvie wrote:
> Here is my proposed new code for the kdelibs/kdecore time zone classes.
> I've attached new code rather than diffs since the changes are very
> substantial (although some parts of the existing code is still retained).
> The aim of the changes is to provide base classes to use for deriving
> non-system time zone classes. In particular, this will form a basis for
> implementing time zone classes for iCalendar time zone data, which should
> allow some long standing bugs in kdepim to be fixed. The current time zone
> implementation is only really suited to dealing with system time zones, not
> time zone information from other sources.
> See the discussion on 29th and 30th September in this mailing list
> ( etc.) for
> more details.
> Note that I haven't yet tested the KTzfile* classes - I'm in the process of
> doing that now. The system time zone handling doesn't depend on them, so
> they aren't so important.
> Can I commit?

Docs and tests!  Yah :)

Only real nitpick I can see from a quick glance is that
 KTzfileTimezoneData,  KTimezoneData, and KTimezoneSource, don't have a 
private class.

With the tests if you can convert them to use qttestlib that would be 
appreciated.  qttestlib has an xml output format which is very usefull for 
generating reports from.

-Benjamin Meyer

aka icefox
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