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Op donderdag 06 oktober 2005 23:28, schreef Benjamin Meyer:
> What do people think of kpersonalizer?  Do you think it has value?  I just
> ran it am having a hard time justifying its existence.  If the real problem
> is that these setting are hard to change in KControl then that is what
> should be fixed, not adding this.
> Riddell told me that in kubuntu has neither kpersonalizer nor ktip and the
> only complaint I get is that people want to change to double click as
> default
> Basic question: Does kpersonalizer add any value?  Can I delete it?


It arrives at a time the user probably does not know what he would like, and 
more importantly, he just want to see KDE (Just like someone else said about 
the ktips a couple of weeks ago on some list).

I think this is the same reason why Microsoft Windows' activation can be 
delayed for a few days if you do not want to do it immediately.

I would suggest to make it less 'in your face' by putting a clear icon on the 
desktop ('common kde settings' or something) for new users and not bothering 
them at first startup, this way they can start using kde instantly and it is 
still clear where to adjust some settings. 

Maybe: after he/she walked through the wizard, it should tell the user where 
the settings are normally located and the icon can be removed from the 
Maybe the wizard can ask a simple question like: are you used to click twice 
on an icon or once? And: what do you think about this font size, should it be 
a bit smaller?

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