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Fri Oct 7 16:44:43 BST 2005


On Friday 07 October 2005 12:26, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Friday 07 October 2005 12:18, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
> >  and I'm quite sure it's just a
> > "not-like-windows" feature that pleases zealots.
> The real reason is internal consistency and the fact that you _never_
> actually have to select a file in konqueror to do anything else but
> opening it.

Yes, I also like single click.
And finally, since this is the default in KDE for many years now already, we 
shouldn't change it too easily, too many people are used to it for more than 
5 years already.

> That said; the icon/tree modes of konqueror have really sad usability in
> how they use shift/ctrl for multi select.  So many little things are not
> what most users will expect.

I plan to change the selection behaviour of the konqy listviews for KDE 4. The 
way I implemented it for KDE 2 was "suboptimal" ;-)
Anyway, except getting rid of some strange keyboard/mouse coordination effects 
the behaviour  shouldn't change IMO.
What do you feel is wrong with it ? Are there bug reports about it ?

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