Thomas Zander zander at
Fri Oct 7 11:26:49 BST 2005

On Friday 07 October 2005 12:18, Guillaume Laurent wrote:
>  and I'm quite sure it's just a
> "not-like-windows" feature that pleases zealots.

The real reason is internal consistency and the fact that you _never_ 
actually have to select a file in konqueror to do anything else but 
opening it.

That said; the icon/tree modes of konqueror have really sad usability in 
how they use shift/ctrl for multi select.  So many little things are not 
what most users will expect.
In the past comments and requests for change were ignored, and now people 
want to throw out the baby with the bathwater.  Developers never seize to 
amaze me :)

Thomas Zander
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