KApplication::requestShutDown and KApplication::propagateSessionManager

Stephan Kulow coolo at kde.org
Fri Oct 7 16:01:14 BST 2005

Am Freitag, 7. Oktober 2005 17:07 schrieb Benjamin Meyer:
> KApplication::requestShutDown() and KApplication::propagateSessionManager()
> are both functions that will only be ever called by the desktop and not by
> end applications.  In that goal I have taken them and put them into there
> own little namespace and would like to move them out of kdelibs and into
> kdebase/workspace/libs/  Attached is my first attempt at the namespace.
> Please RFC.  Also because these are so specialized making there own static
> library is also something I am thinking of.  What do you think?
I guess, it makes sense. But note that workspace isn't the only use of these
functions. E.g. backup software and movie encoding software and the like often 
like to offer to shutdown the computer after being done. So the question is
a) will they want to link against a library or is dbus interface enough for 
them? I guess, dbus is fine here.

Greetings, Stephan

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