Guillaume Laurent glaurent at
Fri Oct 7 15:37:38 BST 2005

Nicolas Goutte wrote:

>Sure in list view mode, you cannot use correctly the lasso.
>But, as far as I know, the lasso was invented on systems with icon views.
Yet it works fine in Windows Explorer or OS/X Finder.

>So you can drag all needed icons in a free space and then lasso them together.
>Then you can do the drag&drop operation that you want.
Come on, this is hardly convenient. Generally in a large dir (like a 
distribution repository), I use the listview mode, and select files with 
ctrl/shift. The *good* thing is that single-clicking on a file clears 
the current selection, which is consistent with general listview 
behavior, rather than opening it. So when I have another selection to 
make, I don't have to worry about previously selected files.

Anyway, this has already been debated to death, to enough of this.


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