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Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sun Oct 2 10:11:58 BST 2005

On Tuesday 29 June 2004 01:00, Lubos Lunak wrote:
> - It's (quite likely overestimated) 0,2s difference on a machine which is
> low-end by today's standards and old crap by the time KDE4 is ready. And
> please don't try those "33% more" statistics tricks on me, no matter how
> many percent it's still 0,2s on a machine that's bloody slow (and I happen
> to be using such one right at the moment actually).

Well, I wouldn't consider a 500 MHz machine "bloody slow". It's not really a 
fast machine, but a desktop should run on it without problems. Currently I'm 
also using KDE 3 on a PIII/450 256 MB. It's not exactly fast, but it's 
acceptable. I think we should consider something like this as our low-end 
target on which KDE should run fast enough.

There's always much talk about how open source software might help especially 
in poor countries. But if the software requires up-to-date hardware this 
argument is mainly void :-/

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