KAction port: do we need to support multiple shortcuts per action?

Hamish Rodda rodda at kde.org
Tue Nov 29 15:05:16 GMT 2005


My port of KAction to use QAction is progressing well (it even looks like 
QAction could completely replace KAction).  However, it seems that having 
multiple shortcuts per action will not sustainable in the new model (from 
discussions held with Simon Hausmann).

Trolltech considered supporting multiple shortcuts when they were writing Qt4, 
but decided against it, due to the complexity it would cause and because it 
was thought to be bad usability wise.

In KDE, multiple shortcuts are the default for cut/copy/paste, as well as 
occasionally in other places (but are certainly not the norm).

My questions are:

1) Do people agree with the assessment that multiple shortcuts per action is 
bad for usability?

2) Will we need a way to support multiple shortcuts in KDE4?

Thanks for your opinions,

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