Fwd: fuse_kio: patch, to make compile/run under current KDE/fuse

Stefan Bund stefan at j32.de
Tue Nov 22 21:50:51 GMT 2005

Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at kde.org> writes:
> Ok, patch committed.

Thanks :-)

> Stefan, does it work for you ?

It does. I was long looking for a tool like that and even started on
an implementation (using the python lufs and kde bindings) but never
got anywhere for lack of time.

Even gateway mode works very well.

I was thinking about two areas for improvement: better/tunable caching
to increase the performance over slow links and real KDE integration
for example by extending the .desktop files (using e.g. %s or whatever
instead of %u or %f as placeholder) and by adding it to the taskbar
and so on.

However, I don't have so much time ... there are several KDE things I
implemented for myself and never got around to clean things up and
commit it to the comunity ... shame on me :-)

However, whenever there is an itch to scratch concerning fuse_kio I
will certainly make it available :-)

thanks, stefan.

PS: I'm not on kde-core-devel therefore you have to CC me, if you want
to reach me.

PPS: If someone is interested: The tools I was refering to are
- An extension to the fish: protocol implementing 'bang path'
  (e.g. reach a host behind another host using 'ssh -t foo at bar ssh -t
  goo at car ...')
- A tool I badly named wwatch, which allows more flexible editing of
  remote files using non-kio-aware tools (watching the file for
  changes and automatic uploading not only after the tool terminates,
  manual upload, a window showing the status, better temporary name
  generation to keep extensions etc...)
- A tool to allow placing and resizing windows using the keyboard by
  deviding the screen into a user-configurable grid (for me it's a
  12x12 grid). I don't like to use the mouse much :-) ) I even started
  to try to integrate this into kwin but I had not enough time.
However all theese tools would have to be cleaned up considerably
... they work flawlessly for me but thats it.

PPS: sorry for the over-long PS :-)
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