[Patch] for kdebase/kfind

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Mon Nov 21 18:30:46 GMT 2005

Alexander Neundorf schrieb:

> On Monday 21 November 2005 14:03, Dirk Mueller wrote:
>>On Monday 21 November 2005 13:30, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>>>it crashes (and why only with those three mimetypes...). Shouldn't be a
>>>problem to leave this away and take a look on it later when kde4 is a
>>>little bit more stable.
>>No, things can't get more mature if we start to add hacks all over the
>>place to workaround bugs elsewhere.
> Yes, the #ifdef MSC_VER shouldn't go in (as kindof part-time kfind maintainer)
I already said (or tried to say) that it's ok without the ifdef and that
please someone could check in the rest :)

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