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Anders Lund anders at
Sun Nov 20 16:22:21 GMT 2005

On Sunday 20 November 2005 13:51, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
> I think it looks OK, I am still not sure if reloading is the right thing to
> do, as Kate App uses setEncoding on empty documents to set the encoding to
> use before load and this looks like overhead (what does reload do on docs
> without url? skip I guess?) but I am ok with it to fix the current issues,
> for KDE 4, I want some saner stuff, there I would like to have different
> encodings for open/save possible and some better visual feedback for user,
> but let's see.

The menu action always reloaded. If you don't, the document isn't rendered 
correctly, and the encoding set in document variables or file types are there 
to ensure that the document is correctly rendered. I repeat that if you want 
to change the encoding in the config object, there is a method for that, but 
Document::setEncoding() means that the document encoding is changed, and that 
includes that the document is rendered using the new setting. Anything else 
is illogical.

IIUTC, you can allready select a encoding when saving the doucment, so that 
will allow to change the encoding. In that case, katepart should of course 
change the encoding (including rereadding the file) if the document stays 
open, that is probably TODO.

Displaying the encoding on the status line would be a good *option*. In 
general, there are so many possible document settings in katepart that some 
sort of overview would be a good idea. But that is OT here.

So, commit or not?

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