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Christoph Cullmann cullmann at
Sun Nov 20 12:51:00 GMT 2005

On Sunday 20 November 2005 10:27, Hamish Rodda wrote:
> > encoding.patch
> > This enhances the setting of encoding during load/reload, and makes
> > KateDocument::setEncoding() actually work. After applying, a encoding set
> > in a filetype configuration will only be used if it should be, and it
> > will take real effect. And a encoding set by the user will be remembered
> > during reload.
> I don't really know this area to comment... Christoph?
I think it looks OK, I am still not sure if reloading is the right thing to 
do, as Kate App uses setEncoding on empty documents to set the encoding to 
use before load and this looks like overhead (what does reload do on docs 
without url? skip I guess?) but I am ok with it to fix the current issues, 
for KDE 4, I want some saner stuff, there I would like to have different 
encodings for open/save possible and some better visual feedback for user, 
but let's see.

Christoph Cullmann
KDE Developer, Maintainance Team, cullmann at

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