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Thu Nov 10 19:48:19 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 09 November 2005 12:04, Vinay Khaitan wrote:
> The reason is that,  Options and expertness has no direct necessary
> correlation, whereas "need" has more closer relations with expected
> Options. and because of diverse world, needs of the users varies very much
> even for novice users.
> So hiding options according to "expertness" is bad.

I also think that some options shall be moved from the main area in the 
configuration dialog to a sub-level dialog section, but "advanced" is the 
wrong word for those options.

We should better use something like "rarely used options", which describes why 
those option have been put in a second level, and this has absolutely nothing 
to do with the skill of the user!

And it reflects the reality: Some options are not needed for doing the main 
tasks, but are here to fine-tune some aspects of a program (maybe "fine tune" 
might also be another good word for such a sub-section in a dialog).

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