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Jaroslaw Staniek js at
Tue Nov 8 12:34:03 GMT 2005

Andras Mantia said the following, On 2005-11-08 11:15:

> Hi,
>  I found in many places in Kexi the following syntax:
> See the "=" signs all over. Does it have some meaning? Because it 
> certainly breaks things, like in showimg (copied from kexi) where 
> $(showimg_top_srcdir)/kexi/kexidb/global.h
> $(showimg_top_srcdir)/kexi/kexidb/global.h
> fixed the visibility problems (MAKE_KEXI_DB_LIB did not get defined).
> If it's just an error, I will correct them all.

Strange, there's a ' ' after '=' in '-D__KEXIDB__= -DMAKE_KEXI_DB_LIB', right?

This worked for a long time. Or is there a specific platform where it won't work?

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