Qt->glib main event loop patch (common main loop)

nf2 nf2 at scheinwelt.at
Sun Nov 6 22:22:55 GMT 2005


I have rewritten my Qt->glib main event loop patch completely. It adds
an optional "-glibmainloop" switch to the ./configure script of Qt,
which integrates a modified QEventloop as a GSource into glib main loop.


I have tested lots of KDE applications with the patched Qt, including
the whole KDE desktop. Seems to work quite well.

Additionally there is the "QtGtk Crossover Demo", which runs both
toolkits (Qt and GTK+) in the same process and the same main loop
(without blocking each other).

The main benefit of joining the mainloops would be
* common asynchronous infrastructure libraries
* in-process plugins or components (like having desktop adaptive
* linking with libraries which were developed for other toolkits

Btw - I'm not sure if other frameworks have already been ported to
glib-main-loop, like OpenOffice.org (UNO?) and Mozilla...



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