George Staikos staikos at
Tue Nov 8 03:55:11 GMT 2005

With recent kdelibs Kst's RecentFiles dialog is completely broken.  There were 
no changes before.  I looked into it and this is the guilty commit as far as 
I can see:

r432004 | amantia | 2005-07-05 16:17:22 -0400 (Tue, 05 Jul 2005) | 5 lines

Improvement for KRecentFilesAction: be able to specify a nice name for the 
es when an URL is added. Useful in case of projects, but also for single files 
s well. If such a name is specified the entry will look like:
Name [url]
If no name is specified, the
filename [url]
form is used. Tested with url's like "foo [bar]" as well.

I think this has to be reverted or implemented differently because it breaks 
existing apps.  Any comments?  Andras?

George Staikos
KDE Developer
Staikos Computing Services Inc.

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