OpenOffice 2.0

David Johnson david at
Sat Nov 5 23:34:04 GMT 2005

I've discovered to my dismay that OpenOffice 2.0 no longer "integrates" 
with KDE. After installation there are no OpenOffice icons, no 
OpenOffice MIME types, no menu entries, no nothing. Since OO.o is a 
collection of several apps, manually creating menu entries was a pain 
in the butt, moreso because there were no appropriate icons to use.

This isn't KDE's problem, but KDE is in a position to help the user out 
a bit. It can do this by adding support for OpenOffice 2.0 in 

I do not have time to do this myself in the 3.5 timeframe otherwise I 
would submit something. I am hoping someone else would be able to do 

David Johnson

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