KApplication allowStyles

Benjamin Meyer ben at meyerhome.net
Sat Nov 5 23:26:34 GMT 2005

In the never ending task to clean up KApplication todays diff removes the 
allowStyles option from KApplications constructor.  It was found to really 
only exist for saving some startup time/memory for demons etc.

The main question I have with this patch is weather it should have a 
compatible constructor for source compatibility or not (in the patch it 

I have also gone through and fixed the rest of kdelibs where there were 
KApplication(false, false) to just have one false for non-gui (later on they 
will be moved to use QCoreApplication).  If you want I can post those patches 
to the list, but I figured that is unnecessary.  After this patch goes in 
then i'll commit those too.

-Benjamin Meyer


aka icefox
Public Key: http://www.icefox.net/public_key.asc
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