kdialog/knotify and URLs

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sat Nov 5 22:17:32 GMT 2005

On Saturday 05 November 2005 09:07 am, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> For example
> kdialog --msgbox "<a href='http://www.kde.org/'>KDE</a>"
> shows an information messagebox with a link, the cursor changes to hand
> cursor when over the link but clicking does nothing, thus making it look
> broken :(
> The issue is a result if the default for the "options" parameter to the
> KMessageBox methods. It needs AllowLink to be passed to react on clicks but
> the default is only Notify.
> The attached patch (against 3.5 branch) would fix that for kdialog.
I agree. However there are a couple of things:
1. Last time this came up, the suggestion was that this shouldn't be turned on 
by default. At least, it needs to be able to be disabled.
2. Just doing it for a couple of versions is wrong. If it works for some 
dialogs, it needs to work for them all.

Perhaps we don't want to do this for 3.5 (certainly not without an 
off-by-default), because of the change in behaviour. Maybe just do it for 

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