Request for moving kdelibs/arts/knotify outside the arts directory

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Tue May 31 23:02:47 BST 2005

Hi all, 

currently kdelibs/arts/knotify is bundled with arts, which mean using 
--without-arts does not allow to use knotify standalone. Under unix where 
using arts is the default, this may be no problem, but under cygwin and 
native windows instead using the native sound api or kdecore's KAudioplayer 
(which would contain the native sound support) would be a better choice. 

Because this relates also with the KDE 4 plan to use KAudioplayer with akode, for my opinion is would be nice 
to have knotify outside from the arts dir directly into kdelibs. 

Beside the basic movement of knotify, an additional topic is where to put the 
native sound support. 
Currently there are two different implementation, one in knotify using the 
arts api and one in KAudioplayer using the dcop/mcop bridge. 
At least for the windows port is looks not very good to me to implement this 
two times, so one uniq place should be choosed (I would prefer KAudioplayer, 
which could be also used in the future on several other places like libkonq 
and some games). 

If this movement would be granted I would move knotify into kdelibs  whithout 
any functional changes. 

In a second step I would conditionalize all arts related stuff and add code 
using KAudioplayer if arts is not used. For cygwin/windows KAudioplayer would 
get an initial implementation with wav,ogg and mp3 support using an external 
command line player which worked for me since kde3.1.4 on cygwin without any 

Because I don't feel comfortable programming in unix I could not implement the 
unix related code in KaudioPlayer, this should be done by others if wished. 

Any comments ? 

Ralf Habacker

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