[PATCH] dpointer and no-inline functions support for kconfig_compiler

Duncan Mac-Vicar P. duncan at kde.org
Tue May 31 21:02:43 BST 2005

the attached patch adds kconfig_compiler support for having private members in 
a dpointer, when this mode is used, the generated methods are moved to the 
implementation. To activate this mode, you use the keyword "dpointer" instead 
of "private" in the kcfgc MemberVariables entry.

The second patch includes a new test. All the previous (strangely, the 
Makefile.am only tests for the firt four tests) test were passed.

I also include a kunittest based test in the patch that compares the files 
with the reference ones, so in the future the perl script could be removed. 
Not now, until kunittest supports some features I plan add like better 
strings diffs.

Please review.


(Thanks Aaron for trying it and help me with some quirks)
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