KConfigXT generated private members

mETz mETz81 at web.de
Mon May 30 14:20:14 BST 2005


On Montag Mai 30 2005 08:10, Duncan Mac-Vicar P. wrote:
> I noticed kconfig_compiler generates private members without a d-pointer
> (Private class). If I would need to expose a generated .h file as public
> api (for plugins) (it already supports adding visibility settings) it will
> be kinda hard to maintain BC when new settings are added.
> Is there any reason is was done this way, or adding this feature would be
> an enhancement?

I was told not to expose autogenerated files as an API, in noatun make-it-snow 
branch I'm now using KConfigSkeleton manually.

Think about when kconfig_compiler suddenly changes, it will also change your 
API. Or think about different kconfig_compiler versions producing different 
code. The only way you could avoid this is ship your generated code as well 
but then you're still missing the ability to add apidocs-comments AFAIK.

Bye, Stefan aka mETz

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