Qt4addons module?

Cristian Tibirna tibirna at kde.org
Mon May 30 13:20:17 BST 2005

On 30 May 2005 08:12, Eva Brucherseifer wrote:

> There are 2 arguments:
> - There are people out there, esp companies but not only, who won't drop
> the Windows platform. Right now they don't use KDE and it doesn't look like
> they will change this if we don't change anything. Don't forget that KDE
> has probably only below 1% users out of all desktop users. If someone wants
> to reach as many users as possible, why would he base his app on KDE?

Adding pure Qt libs containing functionality developed and used inside KDE 
won't encorage KDE use. It will rather help avoid it.

> Right now we go the all or nothing approach in KDE - take it all or leave
> it. The result is, that many go the "take nothing and do everything
> yourself" approach. At least that is how it looks like from the outside.
> As a coder I hate reimplementing things, that are already in KDE, but which
> I cannot use due to circumstances.

Adding the kind of libs requested will not produce a middle way. It will add 
commodity to "nothing".

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