Trash kioslave

Renchi Raju renchi at
Tue May 24 21:04:52 BST 2005

On Tue, 24 May 2005, David Faure wrote:

> Wrong list for feature requests, but maybe you want to implement the following? :)

this was a disguised attempt to get you to tell me a good solution to a 
problem we are having :).

> I would say it's up to the caller (are you talking about konqueror?) to use
> KFileItem::mostLocalURL or KIO::NetAccess::mostLocalURL to transform media:/foo
> and system:/bar into local paths before calling kio_trash. Not all "class local" kioslaves
> can have their URLs resolved to local paths, IIRC, so this can only be done
> for those where mostLocalURL works.

i wasn't talking about konqueror. we make extensive use of kioslaves in 
digiKam (to ensure that the metadata attached to a file doesn't get lost 
when you use kio::job to copy/move files around). The only case where it 
doesn't work well is trashing. We are currently doing what you suggested, 
converting the vfs url to a file url and then calling kio::trash. But when 
a item is  trashed and user restores it, there is no way to restore back 
its metadata as well. I was thinking something on the lines of being able 
to pump some metadata to the trash kioslave using KIO::metadata, 
which gets stored along with the Trash Info.  And when the item gets 
restored, retrieve the metadata as well. But for this the trash kioslave 
has to handle put/get as well (which it doesn't do currently).

I can see other possible uses of it as well, for eg, a ipod kioslave could 
add a metadata, saying it belongs to this particular ipod, and when the 
restore function is called on a trashed file, it could prompt the user to 
connect the ipod.


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