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Thiago Macieira thiago at
Sun May 22 20:05:01 BST 2005

Gioele Barabucci wrote:
>On Saturday 21 May 2005 21:30, Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> Everything that is human-readable text (i.e., character oriented, with
>> new-lines and such) is text/*. Anything else is binary.
>so xhtml (application/xhtml+xml) is binary?

I think it is wrong.

>> So, if you can edit it in a text editor, it's text/*.
>I think this rule works in the opposite way: if it's text/*, then you
> can edit in a text editor. There are many "character oriented" file
> formats (postscript, sgml, rtf, mbox) that live outside text/ but are
> text editable.

No, rtf is text as well, and so are SGML and mbox.

Postscript isn't because it can contain binary data.

Quoting from RFC 2046:
    (1)   text -- textual information.  The subtype "plain" in
          particular indicates plain text containing no
          formatting commands or directives of any sort. Plain
          text is intended to be displayed "as-is". No special
          software is required to get the full meaning of the
          text, aside from support for the indicated character
          set. Other subtypes are to be used for enriched text in
          forms where application software may enhance the
          appearance of the text, but such software must not be
          required in order to get the general idea of the
          content.  Possible subtypes of "text" thus include any
          word processor format that can be read without
          resorting to software that understands the format.  In
          particular, formats that employ embeddded binary
          formatting information are not considered directly
          readable. A very simple and portable subtype,
          "richtext", was defined in RFC 1341, with a further
          revision in RFC 1896 under the name "enriched".

There's also a whole section on Text (section 4.1).

One might argue that XHTML isn't readable without a proper user agent. It 
could also be to avoid making "us-ascii" the default charset for XHTML, 
which MIME mandates for text/*

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