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Sun May 22 11:20:44 BST 2005

Albert Astals Cid wrote:
>Currently in kdereview we have knetworkconf, ksynaptics and viki. IIRC
> they have been there for almost 2 months and IMHO this is breaking the
> purpose of kdereview, that is giving some review to programs. So that
> programs should be either approved to be "stable and kde compilant" and
> decide with the author if they have to go to any kde module or to some
> extragear or either push them back to the playground.
>What do you think? Should we put a hard maximum time, for example 2
> weeks, for projects to stay in kdereview?

I'd say 2 weeks is too short.

Not everyone will rebuild their system within two weeks, so they may never 
see the applications.

What's more, kdereview is for apps that are nearing release state. Doesn't 
that include l10n? If so, then a release condition is that translators 
have translated the app. What I can't tell is the percentage of 
completion, how many languages, etc.

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