Wish rating system for KMail

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun May 22 10:15:17 BST 2005

Hi everybody,

I guess most of you will remember Coolo's proposal to automatically 
close old unconfirmed wishes. You might also remember that a few people 
asked their applications to be excluded for this mechanism. KMail was 
among those applications. AFAIK no wish was ever closed automatically 
(maybe because KMail is the application with the second most wishes?).

Anyway, thanks to Tom Albers we do now have a wish rating system for 
KMail. While bugzilla can be used by everybody to vote for wishes the 
wish rating system is meant to be used only by developers. We will use 
the results of the rating to close those wishes most of us don't want 
to see in KMail. Hopefully this will help us to reduce the number of 
open wishes for KMail (currently there are 943!) significantly.

If you think that you should also be able to rate KMail wishes then 
please send a message to kmail-devel at kde.org. Note that
a) Rating the 900+ currently open wishes and all further wishes that are 
filed will cost a significant amount of your time. If you rate one wish 
per minute then it will take 15+ hours which you probably would rather 
spend doing less boring things.
b) We, the KMail developers, reserve the right to refuse your 
application. In particular we will most likely only accept applications 
of KDE PIM developers, of people who have made non-trivial 
contributions to KMail and of a few KDE core developers.

Note that you can always vote for KMail wishes via bugzilla. I won't 
make any promises, but wishes which have gathered a high number of 
votes will probably not be rated down by us.

Attached you'll find the introduction page of the rating system and the 
results of the first week.

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