QUrl in KDE 4

Martijn Klingens klingens at kde.org
Fri May 20 08:28:44 BST 2005

> I, for one, wouldn't miss ed2k if it were completely dumped and regarded
> as invalid (because it is). Users would not agree with me, nor would many
> developers.

Can ed2k can be converted to a proper URI by using URI filters? Or does
the URI filter code already expect valid URI syntax to begin with?

As for supporting them, people should be able to click on them, since like
you said, that's what they expect. If it can be handled outside [QK]URL
that doesn't really matter for the user, as long as it works. If a new
class KPseudoURL could do it [1] it'd be fine too.

[1] Which i doubt, as it requires a class hierarchy with virtuals in the
base class, not exactly making QURL lightweight, or lots of special-cased
code all over the place, but this is besides the point.


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