Ugh... Qt4 porting

Richard Moore richmoore44 at
Mon May 16 21:30:04 BST 2005

>> Tell that to someone using KImageEffect for an image editor.
> Well, that would be no one.

I wrote a tool that does that in kjsembed - it's in the examples. I
agree it is probably pretty rare though.


On 5/16/05, Zack Rusin <zrusin at> wrote:
> On Monday 16 May 2005 12:58, Mosfet wrote:
> > > And Lars pointed out, if you convert back and forth anyway then
> > > 8bit precision is not enough in the first place.
> >
> > Which is why it doesn't work and should be unsupported and not
> > converted...
> Of course it does. What do you think happens when your image gets to the 
> X server? Magic? Server magically converts the depth of the display to 
> match your image? And guess what XRender uses...
> > Tell that to someone using KImageEffect for an image editor.
> Well, that would be no one.
> > Again, wrong. It's sometimes quite useful to be able to index by row
> > and column. For example, interpolation: This uses an inline class
> > that takes the pixel at any position and interpolates it with it's
> > neighbors. It's faster to use a jump table, taking a one time hit,
> > and then a double array index than it is to do pointer arithmetic for
> > each pixel.
> That's a) not really true and b) you have access to both scanLine() and 
> bits() so you can easily do this.
> > Your the KImageEffect maintainer - you port it. 
> I think I already posted an email to this list explaining what's going 
> to happen with it.
> > First premultiplying the pixels doesn't matter to graphics
> > algorithms. I point out it does. Then it matters but is easy to write
> > two versions of everything. Then it's pointed out converting the
> > pixels will loose color resolution. Then it's said that's okay but
> > your crazy if you think people are going to be okay with their image
> > editors truncating colors. On other topics I point out it's useful to
> > construct an image then create it later, and I'm told I'm wrong. I
> > point out jumptables are useful and I'm told I'm wrong. Stuff that
> > total is probably less than 20 lines in QImage,
> >
> > Screw this crap.
> heh, this not a drama class. In case you haven't figured it out by now, 
> I don't do drama. If you need emotional support find an appropriate 
> group. With me you can either have a technical discussion or stop 
> wasting my time. If you don't like premultiplied alpha, don't use it. 
> QImage will not revert to anything else because it does not make sense 
> to optimize a class for one percent of users (looking at kimageeffect 
> uses possibly less). And again create doesn't make any sense, qimage is 
> now shared. Besides:
> QImage img;....
> //img.isNull() == true
> img = QImage(320,200, QImage::Format_ARGB32); //created here
> // load it
> uchar *bits = img.bits();
> //offset in whatever way you want
> gives you exactly what you want. A null QImage, that is created later, 
> doesn't use premultiplied alpha and allows you to jump wherever you 
> want. There you have everything you wanted. 
> Zack
> -- 
> Question authority! Yeah, says who?

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