Crashes somewhere in kdelibs

Michael Pyne pynm0001 at
Mon May 16 20:49:29 BST 2005

On Monday 16 May 2005 01:31 pm, Andras Mantia wrote:
> Unfortunately it crashes with today's svn as well. I haven't recompiled
> KDevelop, only kdelibs, but that shouldn't matter. KDE was restarted
> after I installed the new kdelibs.
>  The backtrace is the same I posted in the original mail.
> Andras

This is probably unrelated, but JuK crashes for me on shutdown somewhere in 
KDirLister.  The crash itself is caused by glibc's recent memory checker 
additions, as it reports a corrupted linked list or something like that.

juk: [virtual bool JuK::queryClose()]
juk: [virtual bool JuK::queryExit()]
kio (KDirLister): -KDirLister
kio (KDirLister): [virtual void KDirLister::stop()]
kio (KDirListerCache): [void KDirListerCache::stop(KDirLister*)] lister: 
kio (KDirListerCache): [void KDirListerCache::forgetDirs(KDirLister*)] 
*** glibc detected *** corrupted double-linked list: 0x085e11b0 ***

I've been looking for a JuK bug regarding this w/out much success, it is 
possible it's a kdelibs bug?

 - Michael Pyne
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