Replacing QXEmbed for KDE 4

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at
Wed May 11 17:18:00 BST 2005

On 5/11/05, Zack Rusin <zrusin at> wrote:

> the last thread that was started about this somehow died so I just
> wanted to give heads up to everyone because for KDE 4 we'll be
> replacing the old QXEmbed we had with the new implementation that was
> developed by Andreas.
> He also volunteered to be maintaining the new implementation for KDE
> which is great.
> It's LGPL and most importantly it's done properly. So it makes natural
> sense to replace old QXEmbed for KDE 4. We'll be committing it to the
> KDE4 branch later today or tomorrow. If anyone has any questions
> Andreas and I will try to answer them all.

Are there alternatives or equivalents that are Win32/Mac friendly?

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