Refresh bug with the setFullWidth(true) method of KListView object

Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Thu May 5 02:55:09 BST 2005

Hello David !

I've tested with basic class QListView, and your code, and the problem
still occurs. So I'm going to report this bug to QT. (I'm using QT

Here is the program which causes the bug :

And a screenshot of the bug :


On 4/30/05, David Faure <faure at> wrote:
> On Friday 29 April 2005 23:05, Nicolas wrote:
> > Does I have to import the KDE CVS tree or only this test? 
> Just the test is enough to test your Qt/kdelibs.
> >
> I can't see that bug here. Here's the modified patch to get more long
> lines.
> I tried resizing columns and playing with the scrollbar, no repainting bug.
> If you can see the bug with this exact test program, then it must come from
> Qt
> (ok, or kdelibs or the widget style, but qlistview painting is mostly done
> in Qt IMHO).
> I'm testing with Qt-3.3.3. If you have an older version, please try
> upgrading Qt.
> Please note that setFullWidth(true) simply calls
>  header()->setStretchEnabled(true, columns()-1);
> so you should be able to reproduce the bug with a simple QListView, calling
> that line instead of setFullWidth(true). If you can, then we're innocent and
> you
> need to either upgrade Qt, or if it happens for you with the latest Qt
> 3.3.x, mail 
> qt-bugs at with the QListView-based test program.
> -- 
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