KUnitTest SVN proposal/response to feature requests

Jeroen Wijnhout Jeroen.Wijnhout at kdemail.net
Thu May 5 10:21:01 BST 2005


Following the recent discussion about KUnitTest I'm planning to commit the 
following files to svn:

In kdelibs/kunittest:
Makefile.am  modrunner.cpp  runner.cpp  tester.cpp
module.h       runner.h    tester.h

This will install the following files:
* libkunittest.la 
  (A library other apps and/or test-modules link to. Just 1.4K).
* kunittestmodrunner 
  (The app to be used in the make check target, it runs test modules. 
  Just 5.5K).
* The three headers files will be installed in $(includedir)/kunittest.

The GUI part will be in kdesdk/kunittest:
dcopinterface.h   kunittest_debughelper.pl  kunittest.sh  runnergui.cpp  
testerwidget.ui guimodrunner.cpp  kunittestmod.sh           Makefile.am   
runnergui.h    testerwidget.ui.h

This will install:
1. libkunittestgui.la (The GUI equivalent of libkunittest.la.)
2. Some helper scripts: kunittest_debughelper.pl kunittestmod.sh

I'm currently checking out and compiling svn HEAD, but hopefully I can get 
things to work today.

I'm not sure where to put the examples, but I'm thinking of 

As for the feature requests: First things first, let's get the unittesting 
framework into svn first. I'm rather short on time (who isn't?) and it is 
easier to add stuff when it is in svn anyway.

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