KUnitTest CVS

Duncan Mac-Vicar P. duncan at kde.org
Tue May 3 23:01:42 BST 2005

even further, I think QObject::setName receives a const char* so after 
concatenating the strings using QString::fromLatin1 you probably will have to 
use latin1() again to pass it to setname.

On Tuesday 03 May 2005 17:58, Duncan Mac-Vicar P. wrote:
> There are some issues with QT_NOASCII_CAST (used in Kopete)
> static const QString s_kunittest_suite = "Suite"
> and then when calling a function, you mix const char * and QStrings...
> test->setName(s_kunittest_suite + "::" + "KopeteLinkTest")
> This will not compile with QT_NOASCII_CAST, You will get errors like:
> error: cannot convert `const QString' to `const char*' for argument `1' to
> `void kunittest_registerModuleTester(const char*, KUnitTest::Tester*)'
> - you should explicitly do the conversion.
> test->setName(s_kunittest_suite + "::" + QString::fromLatin1
> ("KopeteLinkTest")) in this case. I would fix it myself but CVS is readonly
> today and your code is still not in cvs/svn.
> We had similar problems with Ian's widget compiler, which are fixed.
> Everyone generating code from macros and compilers please take
> QT_NOASCII_CAST in count ;-)
> Cheers
> Duncan

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