[another PATCH]: Kicker find as you type

Jens Herden jens at kdewebdev.org
Tue May 3 15:06:56 BST 2005

> Have a look at the following pictures to get an idea of what it looks like:
>   http://fred.hexbox.de/kde_patches/kmenu-search-1.png
>   http://fred.hexbox.de/kde_patches/kmenu-search-2.png
>   http://fred.hexbox.de/kde_patches/kmenu-search-3.png

I do not like the idea of creating a new way to interact with a menu. My 
feeling is that a menu is quite easy to comprehend and should not get more 

I do like the idea of creating an alternative way to select an application or 
a bookmark in a search field. But this should create a real shortcut and not 
some disabled menu items I don't want to see. So some kind of result list 
like the screenshot of Longhorn make sense for me.


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