[another PATCH]: Kicker find as you type

Fred Schaettgen kde.sch at ttgen.net
Tue May 3 12:27:51 BST 2005

On Tuesday, 3. May 2005 11:51, Josef Weidendorfer wrote:
> > Now what is the best way to show the nested results immediately, but
> > still in the correct hierarchical structure?
> I think graying out is good, but the first match should always be visible,
> and according popups open. E.g. I already would like to see the state in
> your second snapshot after typing "/pdf". 

But this would mean that several popup menus have to be open at the same time. 
I guess that's not possible, but I've never tried. 
So there are several other options: 
- Display the sub-items instead of greyed-out items below a submenu item. 
Problem: There isn't always enough space (->greyed out items) below a submenu 
that contains matches. So either we can't do what we want to do in that case 
or we insert the temporary items, thus making the size of the menu change.
- Only show matches directly in the k-menu if it is the only match in a 
submenu. Then we could replace the submenu item with the matching item. 
Problem: It is no longer totally clear what submenu the matched item belongs 
to. Not sure if prepending the submenu's name would help.

> "Return" should execute this 
> first match. The focus should always be kept within the search line, but it
> should be possible to circle among search results. 
Ok, Pressing return could jump to or execute the first match, that's a good 
idea, at least if it's obvious, what will be executed. 
But keeping the focus on the search line while moving around in the search 
results isn't that easy. What's the meaning of <forward> or <backward> for 
instance, if you are in a submenu?

And intercepting regular character clashes with the regular keyboard 
navigation of the kicker menu, too. I'm quite sure a lots of people wouldn't 
like it. We can add another configuration option to choose the behavior, 
sure. But first let's try to please everyone with a single solution.

> To go to other matches, 
> use "Search forward" (F3) and "-backward" (Do we have a shortcut for
> this?), opening/closing popups automatically.
I guess <up>, <down> is more obvious in a menu.

> Wish item: Include bookmarks into this search facility. If including other
> areas of the menu, the search widget probably should be located unter
> Actions.
...and then include the quick browser for the whole filesystem, right? ;)


Fred Schaettgen
kde.sch at ttgen.net

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