[PATCH] Hspell plugin for KSpell2

Dan Kenigsberg danken at cs.Technion.AC.IL
Sun May 1 13:08:26 BST 2005

Hi Mashrab,

Thank you for your concern and suggestions.

However, there is a problem with having #ifdef __cplusplus in the header file,
as it might be used by a non-g++ compiler that might not have this macro. I am
not sure that this is the Right Way to do it in pure C libraries, even though it
is routinely done by others.

> Just to make the things clear. I made that plugin just to show what KSpell2
> can do, nothing more.

And we thank you very much about that! I hope hspell is well-integerated for the
benefit of Hebrew writing KSpell2 users.

Dan Kenigsberg        http://www.cs.technion.ac.il/~danken        ICQ 162180901

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